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Gout Triggers & Causes

Chlorinated Water – A Cause For Gout

By August 26, 2022No Comments3 min read

Risks could arise from chlorinated water. It has been demonstrated that drinking chlorinated water causes excessive free radical production, which accelerates aging and makes people more susceptible to genetic mutation. Additionally, it could result in cancer or trouble metabolizing cholesterol. Consuming chlorinated water might also encourage artery hardening.

Inhaling chloroform results after taking a warm shower or bath in chlorinated water. In addition, the hot water opens the pores, causing the skin to act like a sponge. It is stated that taking a shower in this kind of water for roughly 10 minutes exposes you to more chlorine than drinking eight glasses of the same water. It is also thought to have additional consequences, all of which are undoubtedly negative. According to experts, it can lower immunity, irritate the eyes, sinuses, throat, skin, and lungs, but it can also dry up the hair and scalp, making dandruff worse.

The extra free radicals produced by chlorinated water are also thought to have the potential to harm the human body. More specifically, it may result in artery pre-arteriosclerosis, immune system deterioration, and liver dysfunction. The alteration of cellular DNA is also connected to excessive free radicals. The antioxidant vitamin E, which is necessary to prevent an excess of radicals from neutralizing for cardiac and cancer prevention, is likewise destroyed by chlorine.

Chlorinated water raises a person’s lifetime risk of gastrointestinal cancer by 50% to 100%, according to a study that looked at thousands of cancer deaths in northern American countries.

Later, in order to support the first study, a second one tallies the cases of rectal and bladder cancer brought on by chlorinated water. Chlorine was thought to be responsible for 9% of bladder cancer cases and 18% of rectal cancer cases out of a total of more than 10,000 cases. A increased risk of several malignancies is also linked to chlorinated water. It has been demonstrated that drinking water containing chlorine can result in allergic reactions that include arthritis, headaches, skin rashes, and digestive problems.

Chlorine is connected to the symptoms of gout because it eliminates the gout-preventing acidophilus. As is common knowledge, trihalomethanes or chloramines are created when chlorine reacts with organic contaminants in water.

Recent research uncovered a fresh issue with chlorinated water. MX is the name of the by-product. Researchers found that MX leads to genetic alterations and the start of cancer in research animals. All of these issues with chlorinated water also have connections to gout, liver health, cholesterol, insulin resistance, and digestive issues.