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Can the cold and flu season raise your threat of a Gout attack?

By August 28, 2022No Comments4 min read

Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to avoid serious sickness while not getting the flu shot. Optimizing your health through diet, hydration, sleep, and supplementation will not only improve your general health but also strengthen your body’s defenses against any unsavory bacteria that may be around you. With a stronger immune system, you can significantly lessen the intensity of the blow even if you fall victim to the pathogens.


The most undervalued thing in the world might just be sleep. Your immune system might suffer greatly from sleep deprivation, making you more vulnerable to outside influences like cold and flu viruses. Please try to get a good 8 hours without taking any medication. Sleep medications essentially serve no use and only increase the body’s acidity, leading to longer-term problems. Consistent sleep patterns can be achieved with a good diet, stress reduction techniques, meditation, light reduction, and other strategies. Another tried-and-true strategy for improving health and improving sleep is exercise. Exercise lowers stress and body acidity, and it even enables the body’s natural circadian rhythms and temperature changes to enhance daytime alertness and nighttime sleep. If you must seek help, consider low-dose melatonin until you can establish a sleep schedule that meets your body’s demands.


Make sure your levels of zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D are adequate. Lack of these vital vitamins and nutrients is linked to a higher risk of the common cold and the flu. Strong antibacterial properties of vitamin D can aid in the battle against viruses and bacteria. Many people are affected by this insufficiency and may not even be aware of it. It is very advised to test several times per year. Oral D3 supplements are widely available and strongly advised. White blood cell production is boosted by zinc, which improves the body’s capacity to fight infection.


Foods rich in zinc include:

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Dry Roasted Cashews
  • Tahini
  • Chicken breast (free range/organic)
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Almonds


Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that can help neutralize free-radicals, kill viruses, and strengthen the immune system. Some studies have even shown high-dose Vitamin C’s ability to replace antiviral drugs. Gout and Arthritis sufferers need to be careful with high-doses of Vitamin C that are obtained from supplementation. Some have found Vitamin C in pill form to stimulate iron storage, which can fire up the joints for those that are prone. High dose Vitamin C can be obtained through the diet without this problem.


Foods high in Vitamin C include:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Acerola Cherry
  3. Citrus Fruits
  4. Brussel Sprouts
  5. Dark Leafy Greens
  6. Bell Peppers
  7. Broccoli
  8. Cauliflower
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Fresh herbs such as chives, thyme, cilantro, basil and parsley


**Some of the foods listed here need not be feared immediately. Regarding gout and gout diets, there are a lot of discrepancies. Fearing higher purine levels but eating nutritious vegetables may be leading you astray. Find out more.


Lastly — maintain your gut flora in balance, your inflammation low, and your antioxidant levels high. Your body is overworked by the constant “fire and battle” if you have chronic inflammation, making you more vulnerable to viruses and germs. All of the aforementioned tips will help you prevent colds and the flu as well as any chronic ailments you might be dealing with by reducing inflammation. Gout sufferers: Be mindful to avoid taking any drugs that include acetaminophen if you must (Tylenol.) Your liver may experience unnecessary strain, and uric acid excretion may be severely constrained. Attempt to keep any irritated regions warm and above the heart as well.

Take into account consuming an all-natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory combination along with a high quality probiotic. There are all-inclusive choices available that combine these immune-boosting choices into a single capsule. Investigate your options to see what would suit you the best. Above all, keep in mind that your body is the only one you have and that it is a vessel that needs your attention.