High Potency Micro Encapsulated Probiotic

For years we have strongly recommended that our Goutcare  customers should consider taking a good quality Probiotic.

We are excited to be able to offer you Friendly Fighters (FF) an excellent product that is not only room temperature stable, has a great shelf life, is consistent in quality and quantity, and MOST IMPORTANT of all has the ability to insure survival of the friendly bacteria strains through the stomach acids and into the intestines.

About 30% of all uric acid is expelled through the bowels with the help of Friendly Fighters (FF) Bacteria and along with GoutCare (GC) insures a strong battle against uric acid build-up.

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friendly-fighters-1-buy-nowPrices for Probiotic “Friendly Fighters”

R475.00 per bottle
Each bottle contains a 3-4 month supply.
Take two caplets per day for 30 days with breakfast. Then one caplet per day for maintenance. At times of stress, after antibiotic use, or during travel it would be best to take two or more a day again for 30 days before returning to the one a day maintenance recommendation.

What Exactly are Probiotics?

As a society, we have come to think of bacteria as the enemy when in fact the body is completely reliant upon a number of good bacterial strains in order for the body to thrive. Nutrient absorption, vitamin synthesis, and waste elimination through regularity is dependent upon a certain number of probiotics, or friendly bacteria, present and active in the intestines.

The intestinal flora serves as a “barrier”, protecting against infections by avoiding the colonization of the GI tract by disease causing pathogens. It does this by providing antimicrobial substances, as well as stimulating the body’s own natural defences. The word “probiotic” literally means “for life” and that is exactly what they do for us – they help promote life.

Unfortunately, there are many things that are part of our modern lifestyle which work against the survival and activity of proper intestinal flora balance. They include stress, diet, prescription and over the counter drugs, chlorine in our water (drinking and bathing in it), illness, antibiotics, ageing, and the list goes on. These challengers make it virtually impossible for balance and tends to shift the intestinal environment into a more acidic and disease hosting area. By adding Probiotics to your body and promoting decolonisation, you are in turn depriving the bad bacteria the ability to continue growth.

Bad bacteria = Toxins = Disease. Eliminate its growth and eliminate the environment in which disease can flourish.

The Digestive System

Over 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Do you have enough friendly bacteria to handle this large task?

If not our breakthrough Probiotic “Friendly Fighters” not only provide a stable shelf life but are also able to resist gastric acids and heat while providing a blend of beneficial bacteria that are most effective in colonising in the intestines for optimal health benefits.